why Orbiter

Orbiter is an established consultancy services and solutions provider, product designer and manufacturer for broadcasters and the aerospace industry since 2001. Our extensive personal experience since 1997, technical expertise, proven execution capabilities and strong relationship with broadcasters and sports confederations have helped us to become who we are today.

Cost Efficiency by High Quality

With the trust of long year customers we became the market leader for camera seats and cable deployment systems for broadcasting and the aerospace industry. Our products are strictly designed focussing on providing, maintaining and improving quality to reduce costs by longevity.

Preferred Partner Status

Our consistent performance makes us the preferred partner of broadcasters, sports authorities, production and event management companies.
In addition, we enjoy excellent relationships with other equipment manufacturers, leading to comprehensive and satisfying all in one solutions and shorter turnaround time.

Strong Execution

We have an unblemished track record of providing error-free delivery of low shooters to major sports tournaments since 2004 on the back of our state-of-the-art product management, core engineering team and project management skills.

Market Leader

We are the leading supplier for state of the art camera seat solutions for fixed and mobile applications and cable reel systems with an extensive global experience of delivering live sports events for sports bodies, networks, production companies, outside broadcast companies and aerospace customers such as NASA and ESA. We have successfully helped produce and air several sports programs, competitions and final tournaments for FIFA, UEFA and the German Bundesliga since we started.