Orbiter Research designs, produces, and distributes solutions in the field of cable deployment systems and camera-stabilizing technology.

Our unique and patented cable reel systems, the PV-series and the
Cable Cube have set a new standard combining maximum operability and smoothness with a compact and functional design as well as best possible protection of fiber technology.

Moreover we deliver special solutions for camera work, as well as taylor-made solutions in the field of broadcasting and telecommunication by keeping track with every standard which successful broadcasting requires.

Our long-lasting experience and the feedback collected straight from the set, from operators, technicians and owners, have always played a significant role in our design process.

Our projects are characterized by combining state-of-the-art consulting services with the technical expertise and long-lasting experience of our staff, to the benefit of our customers.

Our broad network adds up to our competence and flexibility to offer our customers standard and tailor-made TV- or film-equipment solutions. We are dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art solutions which always keep track with the latest technical challenges faced by modern broadcasting.

Our Story

Camera Seats

In 2001 a prototype of the Orbiter superflat broadcast camera seat was designed as first model of a product family, meanwhile comprising of seven differnt types. In close cooperation with leading European outside broadcasting companies this new concept of a swivel seat was tested at outdoor soccer and athletics events. The tests proved high efficiency and performance of this new kind of low shooter. The Orbiter integrates a low profile swivel seat and a camera tripod satisfying the needs of both operators and technicians. Contrary to conventional systems all Orbiter models are based on the principle to pan the camera and the seat independently, unlinked but along the same axis. The Orbiter seats provide smooth and easy handling while technicians appreciate its high mobility and compact design allowing efficient handling and storage. The ergonomics of the Orbiter 500 superflat, Orbiter 270 superflat, and Orbiter 1000 stealth are unrivalled. The Orbiter 1000 stealth allows for extremely low shots still under good operating conditions and significantly reduce sight obstructions and a small footprint, it was specifically designed for the center camera at football but can be alied at any low camera position. The fixed models Orbiter 500 stadium and Orbiter 270 stadium impress by requiring an extremely small amount of space. Very low failure rates and easy maintenance are the results of high quality manufacturing. Our design philosophy follows to use as few components as possible and always looks for options to simplify the design, same time maintaining extreme durability. This warrants the unmatched quality and longevity of our products. In 2013 we introduced the next generation, the Orbiter 3.0 running on rotators, based on a new type of sealed, high precision center bearing manufactured in house on our latest, state of the art CNC machining centers. The added value lies in more gentle, very smooth and steady running characteristics combined with a steady friction all improving the operating conditions significantly same time reducing maintenance almost to zero. Comprehensive testing has been done and proved extreme durability in terms of mechanical impact even under extreme temperature conditions. This best-practice approach made in Germany offers comprehensive benefits to the user making the Orbiter your technical and economic system of choice. The German Bundesliga made the Orbiter 500 ultraflat mandatory for the standard camera position between the coaches at halfway line and for the standard positions at penalty area lines at soccer. As well Orbiter camera seats are frequently used at various major tennis broadcasts since many years. Since May 2018 we deliver the sixth generation of Orbiter camera seats, the Orbiter 6.0 – with improved sealings, tested and proven quality and finish.

Tracking Systems

Since early 2014 Orbiter delivers to the aerospace industry. Operated by Ariane Space & CNES in Kourou/ French Guiana the Orbiter 500 spaceshooter 4.0 is in operation for the tracking of launches of the Ariane 5 ECA, Sojuz and Vega. With the Ariane project Orbiter made an important step into a new industry, enhancing the range of Orbiter models by a unique and cost efficient non automised low speed tracking device which is more than just a camera seat.

Cable Drum Systems

Since 2005 Orbiter designs and delivers cable reel systems optimised for fibre optics and conventional cables and hoses providing perfect protection of cables and connectors. After delivering more than 2000 units since 2005 our customers give us feedback, confirming reduced costs for replacements and maintenance of cable drums as well as drastically reduced costs for repairs and replacements of cables and connectors.