Cable Cubes

Technical specifications

L x H x D (W): 48 x 50 x 35 cm | Core 22 cm
Weight: 13,6 kg


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Leaflet Cable Cubes

Table Drum Capacities


DE 10 2009 026 208 A1 | PCT/DE2010/075061 | WO 2011/009456 A2

ORBITER Cable Cube

The Cable Cube is a protective cable reel optimised for fibre technology.   It is delivered in one fixed size and designed for fibre optic, but also for conventional cables and the requirements of mobile applications.
Expensive fibre technology is protected properly during handling and transportation by simple mechanical means. The Cable Cube is a light and rigid, integral monocoque aluminium body providing superior protection from damages to the cable and connectors.

Of course Orbiter drums are stackable, equipped with a permanent crank and round horizontal handles to allow for better handling.

Apart from the fundamental design it is less costly than to our other, high end, heavy duty cable reel system – the PV- series.
The Cable Cube is tailored to match most common lengths and diameters of cables for applications in outside broadcasting. It is specifically dimensioned to take up to 300 meters of 9,2 mm
SMPTE 311 broadcast camera cable, making it suitable for most
ob vans in terms of capacity. Please download and review the table, which displays in the bottom line the capacities depending on different cable diametres.


Mobile applications require good handling characteristics. For that reason the Cable Cube can be stacked safely for transportation by means of simple centering pins. Integrated handles inside the drum body allow carrying it comfortably.
It can easily be rotated by a manual crank which is fixed to the drum. This feature makes it impossible to forget a crank when working in remote places far away from the mobile unit.

Cable & Connector Protection

Cable Cubes are particularly suited for fiber optic cables, which require more careful handling and storage than conventional cables. It has excess patch storage room and an optional, adjustable fixing point for the connector inside the drum, to avoid damage to sensitive and expensive fibre connectors.

The entire design and form comply with the standards for fibre optics. This ensures that cables will neither be damaged by sharp edges nor by too narrow radii, as excessive bending of cables may lead to damage or loss in signal quality. All of this means the best possible adaptation of cable cubes to requirements of fibre optics, limited space, and mobile applications.

Main features:
• Measurements L/H/D (W): 48 x 50 x 35 cm
• Weight: 13,6 kg
• Optimised for fibre optics and other
• Protective connector bracket (optional)
• Lightweight + robust monocoque aluminium body
• Noncorrosive
• Ergonomic handles integrated
• Safe & easy stacking
• Permanently attached fold-away crank
• Tension brake with steady + adjustable friction
• Replaceable feet + brake
• 1 year warranty

• Connector bracket
• Built in socket plate
• Customizing
• Customized coating colour